Windows Deleting File – Could Not Find This Item Error

So I was trying to delete a folder on my desktop but received some strange errors.

It was like the folder did not exist, but I could still see it and it prevented me from deleting it.

I got the following errors when trying to delete the folder:

  • Could not find this item
  • Error 0x80004005:Unspecified error

Btw. I am sitting on a Windows 10 machine, but I bet this also works for Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and so on.

Thankfully after trying some different workarounds, I found the one that worked for me. That is not to say it gonna work for you, but after trying several it might do…


I opened CMD (command prompt) in admin mode and found the folder/directory with the CD command.

Then I typed “dir /x” to get the 8.3 format of the folder. I renamed the folder with the REN command, and the folder was renamed. After this I exited CMD and deleted the folder manually. You could probably also use the DEL command after renaming the folder.

Step by step

  • Open CMD in admin
  • Navigate to the folder with CD command
  • Use dir /x to find the 8.3 format (example: FOLDER~1)
  • Ren <8.3foldername> <new shorter foldername>”
Game Dev Tycoon

Game Dev Tycoon – Import Old Savegame to Steam

What you need:

  • SQLite viewer – can be downloaded free, just Google “portable sqlite viewer”

Backup the “Steam\userdata\[yourID]\239820\remote” folder so that you have a backup, in case things go wrong.

Step by step guide

Here we will replace the slot_auto save. Make sure the one you wish to replace matches. For example slot_auto from original to slot_auto new one.

  • Open your old savegame file with the SQLite viewer. It is a file called “file__0.localstorage” which is located in:
    C:\Users\LOGGED IN USER\AppData\Local\Game Dev Tycoon\Local Storage
  • Locate slot_auto in the sqllite viewer.
  • Double click the value opening the data and copy all the data from top to bottom.
  • Go to:
  • Open slot_auto with a text editor.
  • Select all inside, paste over the data from the old slot_auto that you copied from file__0.localstorage.
  • Save the file.
  • Find Game Dev Tycoon in the Steam application.
  • Right click on it and choose properties.
  • Click updates, and uncheck cloud synchronization.
  • Launch Game Dev Tycoon via steam, load your save game.
  • If all went well, you should be greeted with:
    Updated VersionThis save game has been imported from an older version of Game Dev Tycoon. We have re-balanced the game, added new consoles, increased the storyline (runs for 35 years) and added a couple new features. You should be able to continue this save game without issues but if you want to get the full re-worked experience, please consider started a new game.

Credits to jlamanna83 from the Greenheartgames forums for providing this useful guide.

Game Dev Tycoon

How To Integrate non-WordPress pages in WordPress and Avoid 404 Errors

So  you want to use your old PHP files, but with your WordPress installation/theme. So the Codex tells you that this can be done, and you just have to include the following in your PHP files:

/* Short and sweet */
define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

This would make it possible to use all the WordPress functions and include the header, footer, widget area etc. When tested with Chrome developer tools, I noticed that it returned a 404 File not found in the headers. Fortunately I came across the solution from a link on the same Codex page, instead of the above code, use the following:

define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);

This should return a 200 Status OK header instead and everything should be okay.

To include the header and footer you can use the following code/method:

define('WP_USE_THEMES', false);
The content goes here...
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

That should do the work :)

Windows 7 Completing Installation Stuck (Solution / Fix )

I was installing Windows 7 on my laptop the other day. It kept freezing at “Completing installation”.

After some Google research, I found the solution, which was pretty simple:

I was installing from a USB Drive, the solution was just to unplug the USB Drive.

So, if you have any USB devices plugged in during installation and system boot, make sure nothing is connected until you have a full boot into Windows 7.  After you are in Windows, you can plug them in again and Windows will install the necessary drivers.

Hope it works :-)

SimCity 5 Sandbox PC Cheat Codes

To use cheats in Sim City 5, you must play in a Sandbox region.

Use the following commands while in-game:

ALT+W - Add §100,000 to City Budget
ALT+F - Toggle Fire On/Off
ALT+C - Toggle Crime On/Off
ALT+M - Toggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+A - Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+P - Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+H - Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+S - Toggle Sewage On/Off

Pressing CTRL-SHIFT-C no longer shows cheats.

Windows 7 – How To Move The 100MB Partition Reserved For Sytem Boot

You installed a new version of Windows 7, just to discover that Windows made a 100MB partition on your old harddisk, so now you can’t boot without this harddisk….

I was looking for a solution to this, most solutions suggested to delete the partition and un-plug the old HD and then using the Windows CD to make a new system partition.

Well, I found a better solution and it worked out just fine.

If you want to keep a special partition for your boot files, start by making a 100MB partition on your C: drive (assuming Windows is installed here).

It is recommended to make a backup of your harddisk before following the next steps.

Now follow these steps, remember to use the correct disk and volumes.

  1. Click the Start button, then in the “Start Search” box, type “CMD” but do not press Enter yet.
  2. In the list above the search box, under “Programs”, right-click on CMD and choose “Run as Administrator” and click “Continue”.
  3. In the open console, type the following commands and press Enter:
    select disk 0 \\I assume that the 100MB partition is in Disk 0
    list vol
    select volume 0 \\I assume that the 100MB partition is installed in "volume 0"
    select volume 1 \\I assume that the OS is in "volume 1"
  4. Type in CMD (still in administrator mode):
    C:\windows\system32\bcdboot.exe C:\windows /s C:

It should prompts that the command line is successfully. Restart the computer. The boot files should now have been moved from the old HD to the new one.

Note: if you put the boot files to a new partition, remember to set your OS volume to active again.

Free File Hosting: Do NOT use MediaFire!

I have been using MediaFire as a free upload service for some time now. I decided to use them after Megaupload got closed down. Well, i regret that i chosen them now.

A good tip, if you have any files you want to store safe in the sky, don’t use Mediafire. Why? Well, suddenly one day, I get like 60+ emails (for each file), that the file has been removed due to ToS (Terms of Service) violations. Furthermore my account got suspended without any warming at all. I contacted Mediafire to get an explanation, their respond is that I have violated the Terms of Service. I ask for more details, as I can’t find any good reason to my files getting removed without any warning, not even after reading the ToS, but they stopped answering my mails. So I gave up. My files did not contain any copyright infringement or anything else like that.

Just wanted to warn everyone else, before your files suddenly are gone. I used Megaupload for a long time before they went down, without any problems. I have also been using Rapidshare without any problems for a very long time too. If you need a good file hosting provider, I can really recommend Rapidshare. I prefer to use more than one, so please use the comments if you know one i should try (that does not delete your files).

Tweak your SSD’s performance and free up space

If you haven’t already bought an SSD for your system disk, you should. The speed is incredible!

I found a very good guide from Toms Hardware, this guide helps you tweak your SSD performance and also free up some precious space.

This is what the guide recommends:

  • Verify the SATA controller is set to AHCI Mode and Trim is enabled.
  • Disable System Restore
  • Disable drive indexing
  • Disable the page file (careful with this)
  • Disable Hibernation
  • Disable prefetching in the registry
  • Disable Windows’ write caching
  • Disable the SuperFetch and Windows Search services
  • Disable ClearPageFileAtShutdown and LargeSystemCache
  • Adjust power settings

10 Quick Steps To Securing Your WordPress

Securing your WordPress installation. WordPress is the most popular blog software, and this makes in vulnerable to many hackers. Here are 10 quick tips to keep your WordPress safe.

1. Do not use wp_ prefix in your database

When you are installing your WordPress, you get the option to choose your own prefix, choose something else than “wp_“.

2. Change the admin user name to something else and post from a non-admin

Every hackers first guess would be “admin”, rename the admin user!

After you have renamed the default “admin” user to something else, it is recommended that you create another user for posting. This way the admin username will not be exposed when posting on your blog.

3. Add another layer of security with .htaccess password protection for /wp-admin/ folder

Use .htaccess to password protect your /wp-admin folder. Example:

AuthName "WP Admin"
AuthType Basic
AuthUserFile /full/path/to/webhotel/password_protected_folder/htpasswd
require valid-user

# This is the whitelisting of the ajax handler used by some plugins and the install css.
<Files admin-ajax.php css/install.css>
Order allow,deny
Allow from all
Satisfy any

Note: This can prevent some plugins to work (the easiest way is to test it and see if your site still works right).

There are lots of tutorials on how to set a password on a folder with .htaccess file, just search Google for “.htaccess password tutorial”.

4. Install WordPress security plugins
Check out these plugins:
– WordFence
– Secure WordPress
– WP Security Scan

5. Remove database Username and Password from your wp-config.php
If possible, create a file outside the web root and put your WordPress login details here.
If this is not possible, put the login details in a .htaccess password protected folder.

Use the PHP require function to include the WP database login details in the config file, like this:

//DB Login

6. Protect wp-config.php and .htaccess
If you use a server with .htaccess, you can put this in your .htaccess (at the very top) to deny access to anyone surfing for it:

# Strong .htaccess protection
<Files ~ "^.*\.([Hh][Tt][Aa])">
order allow,deny
deny from all
satisfy all

# Protect wp-config.php
<Files wp-config.php>
Order Deny,Allow
Deny from All

7. Change File Permissions
It is very important that you have the proper file permissions to ensure your site’s security. I recommend that you restrict your file permissions down to the bare, CHMOD value of 644 for files and CHMOD value 755 for folders, which essentially makes it read-only to everyone except you.

Just open your FTP program and right click the folder or file and click on “File Permissions”. You should change the CHMOD value to at least 744, only giving the “owner” full access, but i recommend using 644 on files, and 755 on folders as said before.

8. Backup your files
Always keep a backup of all your WordPress files and also your database.

If something goes wrong, or your WordPress gets hacked, you got a backup.

Heres is a good guide for backing up your database.

9. Always keep ALL WordPress, plugins, themes etc. updated!
Maybe the most important tip. Always make sure the WordPress installation, and all plugins, themes, etc. are up to date.

10. Disable directory indexing
Put this line in the top of your main .htaccess to prevent directory indexing:

Options All -Indexes


Other good resources
This resource is also highly recommended to read.
Hardening WordPress

Quickly select all your contacts when inviting friends to Dropbox

If you want to get more free space using Dropbox, you have to invite friends. Each friend gives you 250 MB extra space, up to a maximum of 8 GB extra space.

If you have hundreds of contacts like me, checking each check-box will take ages.

With a little javascript you can quickly invite all your friends at once. Copy and paste this little javascript code into the adress bar and hit enter, while the invite box is open:

javascript: el = document.getElementById('contact-list').children; for(var i in el) { el[i].children[0].children[0].checked=true; }

If it does not work for you and you are using Firefox, try to install the Firebug plugin and execute the code from the commandline.

el = document.getElementById('contact-list').children; for(var i in el) { el[i].children[0].children[0].checked=true; }