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Game Dev Tycoon – Import Old Savegame to Steam

What you need:

  • SQLite viewer – can be downloaded free, just Google “portable sqlite viewer”

Backup the “Steam\userdata\[yourID]\239820\remote” folder so that you have a backup, in case things go wrong.

Step by step guide

Here we will replace the slot_auto save. Make sure the one you wish to replace matches. For example slot_auto from original to slot_auto new one.

  • Open your old savegame file with the SQLite viewer. It is a file called “file__0.localstorage” which is located in:
    C:\Users\LOGGED IN USER\AppData\Local\Game Dev Tycoon\Local Storage
  • Locate slot_auto in the sqllite viewer.
  • Double click the value opening the data and copy all the data from top to bottom.
  • Go to:
  • Open slot_auto with a text editor.
  • Select all inside, paste over the data from the old slot_auto that you copied from file__0.localstorage.
  • Save the file.
  • Find Game Dev Tycoon in the Steam application.
  • Right click on it and choose properties.
  • Click updates, and uncheck cloud synchronization.
  • Launch Game Dev Tycoon via steam, load your save game.
  • If all went well, you should be greeted with:
    Updated VersionThis save game has been imported from an older version of Game Dev Tycoon. We have re-balanced the game, added new consoles, increased the storyline (runs for 35 years) and added a couple new features. You should be able to continue this save game without issues but if you want to get the full re-worked experience, please consider started a new game.

Credits to jlamanna83 from the Greenheartgames forums for providing this useful guide.

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