Free File Hosting: Do NOT use MediaFire!

I have been using MediaFire as a free upload service for some time now. I decided to use them after Megaupload got closed down. Well, i regret that i chosen them now.

A good tip, if you have any files you want to store safe in the sky, don’t use Mediafire. Why? Well, suddenly one day, I get like 60+ emails (for each file), that the file has been removed due to ToS (Terms of Service) violations. Furthermore my account got suspended without any warming at all. I contacted Mediafire to get an explanation, their respond is that I have violated the Terms of Service. I ask for more details, as I can’t find any good reason to my files getting removed without any warning,¬†not even after reading the ToS, but they stopped answering my mails. So I gave up. My files did not contain any¬†copyright infringement or anything else like that.

Just wanted to warn everyone else, before your files suddenly are gone. I used Megaupload for a long time before they went down, without any problems. I have also been using Rapidshare without any problems for a very long time too. If you need a good file hosting provider, I can really recommend Rapidshare. I prefer to use more than one, so please use the comments if you know one i should try (that does not delete your files).