Minecraft no sound problem [how to fix] Windows 7

I had a problem with no sound in Minecraft. It was very hard for me to find the solution on the internet, so I will post how I did here. This might work for you if your game crashes when you try to enable sound in game.

1. Download OpenAL from CreativeLabs

2. Go to Minecraft folder, press Start > Run and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/

3. Open bin > natives and delete the OpenAL32.dll file, also delete the other OpenAL64.dll (i think) file, just to be sure.

4. Go to C:/Windows/System32 and copy the OpenAL32.dll from System32 folder to %appdata%/.minecraft/bin/natives/

5. Now you have replaced the Minecraft OpenAL32.dll with the new OpenAL32.dll, open Minecraft and go to options and enable sound. This should work now. :-)

For more good Minecraft guides, head over to Minecraft XL.

  • Minecraft Noob

    Awesome finally i have sound

  • Glad to ‘hear’ .. :)

  • Camilla

    THANK YOU!!!
    This is the only thing that has worked for me. I cant thank you enough! :)

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    Thanks alot! this worked and i have played minecraft without sound for 2 months! I dont know how to thank you, but im really glad you posted this!

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  • kevin

    thanks I was going crazy trying to find out how to fix this.

  • Him that guy

    ‘godamn didnt help me :/
    Glad to see it helped some though :)

  • Tom

    I think it worked,but i tried this…
    DO EVERYTHING TOBY SAYS.then open minecraft>options>hold Ctrl and move the slider up!!!

  • Mahmood

    thank you so much Toby .. this really help me

  • lewis

    still not working for me :/

  • Adam

    it just gave me a installer and it did nothing… :/

  • Ostefondue

    It worked!
    Thanks so much! :)!

  • Leo

    how do you open – C:/Windows/System32????????????????

  • Scott

    After trying a few other solutions that didn’t work, thank God I found yours. Worked like a charm, thanks!

  • darwin

    if i could kiss you i would i have had no luck with all the other processes

  • Bailey

    OH MY BEJESUS IT WORKED! Thank you, kind sir, for giving me the opportunity to truly experience minecraft :D

  • vlad

    Great, thank you.

    The dll from OpenAL did the trick.

  • Harvey turner

    Didn’t work for me :(

  • MrEpsode

    Very Nice Fix no idea why this wouldn’t be implemented in the standard Install.. Much apreaicated..

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    I just dont get it?

  • Craig

    Ya, did nothing for me either. Guess I’ll just have to keep opening and closing it like I usually do until sound decides to work.

  • Alex

    If you’ve tried this but it still hasn’t worked, try running the game in administration mode. In Windows 7, just right click the minecraft.exe icon and select “Run As Administrator”.

    Good luck everyone!

  • dustin

    i’ve tried this but the link to the site never opens for me

  • tasos

    omg i cant believe it xD… i can HEAR sounds again ;)… thnx toby, u are the BEST.

  • Keith

    Fantastic – what an amazing and simple fix – many thanks to OP

  • Need Minecraft sound

    Hi Toby! I need sound and i’m trying your way to fix it. My problem is where do you find C:/Windows/System32 ?

  • arash

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  • JonC

    Well, got the installer I pressed ok :INSTALLATION COMPLETE
    But no Openal32 :(

  • nakiyah

    wow thanks a lot! i have been searching all over the internet and i finally found a fix. Thanks Toby!

  • nathan

    I think I have the server disabling my audio. I fixed it last time by reloading a single player map, then Esc > Options (button). That was it. As soon as I pressed the on-screen Option button, I heard a click and sound was restored for multiplayer games also. weird.

  • Mr. Cornflakes

    Worked perfectly. Thanks

  • Thanks so much man, it worked!

    Thanks man it worked!
    You don’t know how happy I am right now!

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    I tried this twice. It didn’t work for me… :(

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    I followed the instructions step by step perfectly twice.

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  • Crumpet

    On Win 7 64-bit all you have to do is delete OpenAL32.dll, no need to replace files.

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    Thanks so much!!!! I didn’t know how to do this. Thank you very much!!!!!

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    Finally! a site with an answer that isn’t full of BS!

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  • Awesome! Worked for me =)

  • brettedd

    it also fixes sound lag.plenty thanks to you. this solution boosted my FPS 30 frames and got rid of the annoying studdering sounds. i srsly cant thank you enough.

  • Glad to help :)

  • Trevor Gibb

    WTK when I go to the Minecraft file, I cant find the Start> Run part! I dont know what to do! Could someone help meeeeee

  • Darkjow

    Thanks almost worked for me i had to do the same steps but at the end I duplicated the OpenAL32.dll and renamed it to OpenAL64.dll, probably worked since I am using the 64-bit java version.

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    there no OpenAL32.dll in System32

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