Windy city blueprint

SimplePhysics iPhone solutions (blueprint walkthrough)

Previously I posted the solution to some of the levels in SimplePhysics (iPhone game). The game has been updated with new levels since, and I can now present my solutions to all of the levels (including Windy City this time).

SimplePhysics is a game, where you have to construct blueprints for structures that have to deal with different stress tests.

Here is the walkthrough to all of the levels that were there when this post was made. Please note that future solutions to new maps, will most likely not be updated as I don’t play the game anymore.

These solutions worked for me, when i made them. If they don’t work for you, either you are making it wrong, or the game may has been updated so the solutions don’t work anymore. There could be other explanations for why it does not work you…  :)

Tree house
Tree house blueprint

2 story tree house
2 story tree house blueprint

Staircase blueprint

Snowy roof
Snowy roof blueprint

River dam
River dam blueprint

Bomb shack
Bomb shack blueprint

Submarine blueprint solution

Truck crane
Truck crane blueprint

Ferris Wheel
Ferris wheel blueprint

Windy City
Windy city blueprint


People are complaining that especially Windy City is not working, well again, it worked for me when I took this screenshot. :)

  • Adam

    The crane solution does not work, collapses after holding for 5 seconds.

  • It works for me, make sure you make it exactly the same

  • Anon

    Toby you’re an idiot. First off you forgot the submarine. Secondly I created better and cheaper blurprints for multiple levels. And with the crane? Had the exact same problem, even with exact same blueprints, I just added more joins to the bottom and it worked.

  • Steven

    Your crane solution isn’t working for me either, weird.

  • Guys, take it easy.. It worked for me when i uploaded the solutions, also when this post was made, there was no submarine level – the game is in constantly devolpement. I did not say it was the cheapest solutions, i just posted possible solutions that i found – let it inspire you.

  • Duck

    For the crane… it only needs 1 more bar and will give 3 stars.
    I’ll explain where….
    – So notice the 3 tall X’s going up the arm…. bottom, middle, and top.
    – An additional line is needed on the left side of the middle X. this will make the middle one look like |X| instead of X|

    Thanks Toby!

  • Speeed

    Yo duck it won’t work :P
    It after holding it for 3 secs it breaks
    Money is 11,477
    And the crane goes as

  • Adam

    Crane and Windy City don’t work and I copied your designs to the letter!

  • These blueprints worked when i tested them, i just took a screenshot of my solution :)

  • Curtis

    This just proves to me that this game is really just a waste of space. I’ve made duplicates to my solutions in this game on my solid works program and they would work. The physics in this game are just way off

  • Mikuru

    You didn’t do the submarine… :(

  • #Mikuru – Updated now :)

  • Tr

    Ferris Wheel don’t work. Had the same problem with other solutions from the internet. That game is crap. Even solutions from iPhone don’t work on iPad.

  • The Baws

    Needs to be updated with the new levels :P

  • Sandi

    What a bunch of complainers! Wah, this doesn’t work; the FREE game doesn’t work; one calls Toby an idiot.

    Thanks Toby, for the solutions!

  • Don Montgomery

    Windy City works for me!!

  • What a about the new levels train bridge and ramp bolder?

  • Hatsune Miku

    This game is weird……

    First, a solution worked on the mobile phone then it crashed on ipad………0rz

    Second, the left side of the stucture always crash faster than the right side when your structure is fully symmetrical.


  • Hatsune Miku

    Though this game has these bugs…….but I still enjoy it~~~~

  • Tyler

    The Farris weel didn’t work

  • Astrud

    The crane is the hardest part. I couldnt get through either. I also copied the solution above.

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  • asfd

    have wrong answers

  • hyper mario

    Haha, what a funny solutions :)
    For the first level, the tree house, I’ve managed to build a structure for 29$. Still far from 21$ though, which is the top high-score I am aiming at..

  • Wes

    One thing, for the submarine you don’t need the pieces through the middle, the frame along the side is all the is required. the middle is just superfluous.