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Materials Wallhack v4

Released: Jun 11, 2011 - Unknown
No Sky
No Hand
Wall Hack
Color Models
All Maps Transparent

Download hack Download Materials Wallhack v4
Downloaded 105.247 times


FkN Catalyst Tactics Recode v1.1

Released: Jan 2, 2007 - Detected
OpenGL Multihack

Original features:
- aimbot
- hitboxes
- bot fov
- multiple fire modes
- auto target switch
- prediction (aims where people should be if there lagging)
- max angle and frame (unchanged as i could never figure out what the hell it is)
- crosshairs
- enemy warnings
- radar
- multiple esp settings
- new anti recoil settings
- wallhacks
- spirit hack
- model hacks
- wire frame
- no flash
- no smoke
- no scope
- bunny hop
- auto pistol fire
- barrel hacks
- speed hacks
- custom settings

New features:
- - improved aimbot (added much better vecs)
fixed aimbot not firing
- new eye position (moves your view point)
- trigger bot
- draws hitboxes
- wire frame wall hacks and materials hacks
- full bright maps (makes dark corners bright and makes modles bright even if in shadows)
- new esp options
- enemy warnings can now display if the enemy can hear you
- no spread hack with multiple options
- no lag after speed hack and added vecs for speeding (not perfect)
- better no flash
- added anti punnish (cant be slayed for spawn attack in some servers)
- zoom hack (like a sniper scope without the scope for all weapons

Download hack Download FkN Catalyst Tactics Recode v1.1
Downloaded 25.303 times


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