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Status: Unknown

Filesize: 16 KB

Game: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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Please note, this hack is for PC only.

Tags: esp boxESP tubebot autostab crosshair

Full source code. You have to build yourself, see readme.

- BoxESP
- Smooth aimbot
- Tubebot
- Tthrowing knife bot
- bell curved indirect mode for tubebot/knifebot when CAPSLOCK
- autostab
- triggerbot with autofire
- explosive ESP
- turret ESP
- killstreak counter
- crosshair
- all features enabled/disabled via Fn keys
- flicker-less overlay mode
- full external hack: no hooking on process for maximum stealth mode
(I left away all aimbots features for now but they should be easy to add)
Downloaded 100.540 times