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CS Video: 12 kills in a row - On 23/6-11 at 23:26
Playing against bots with knifes, when making this incredible fast 12 kills in a row... :)

By: Toby

3 new CS videos - On 16-6-11 at 18:40
Made 3 new CS videos... Watch them here...

How many CTs can you kill with....

1 HE grenade ?

1 shot from an AWP?

1 shot from an AK-47?

By: Tobys CS

New CS video - On 16/1-11 at 17:10
How to download and install CS hacks

This video can also be found on the videos page.

By: Tobys CS

Top 5 CS hacks - On 18/10-10 at 23:23
Heres a list of the most downloaded CS and CS Source hacks on Tobys CS.

Top 5 Counter-Strike 1.6 hacks

  1. ECC 5.2
  2. Fighter FX 7.2
  3. Super Simple Wallhack - linked to latest version
  4. BaDBoY v5 - Made for cheat servers
  5. VDC Redux v2.09

Top 5 Counter-Strike Source hacks

  1. RoyalHack v1.0d
  2. HOLZED 1.2.fix
  3. P7 CSS v3.1
  4. Elite Hacks Pub v1.0
  5. Studio Hack v3.0

Be aware of that most of the hacks listed above not has been updated for a while.

By: Admin

New aimbot video - On 8/8-10 at 1:33
Made a new movie today, aimbot in CS Source:

By: Tobys CS

New hacks - On 20/5-10 at 22:27
Cs 1.6 hacks has been updated today.

If anyone have problems downloading or unpacking hacks please contact us.

Remember, password for hacks is:

By: Admin

Tobys Promotion Video - On 13/9-09 at 23:21

By: Admin


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