Scalen v0.9

Sep 28, 2008
VAC Status: Detected
Description and features

- True Hitbox Aimbot
- Origin Based Predicition
- wav's NoSpread (Ak, Colt, Deagle)
- Advanced SpeedHack (no FPS loss)
- Advanced AutoShoot (only shoot when punchangle = 0, shoot 2)
- JumpFix for Hitbox Aim (aims lower for bhopers)
- Anti-Recoil w/ Recoil Switch
- Flautz Style WallHack w/ FullBright
- Transparent Chase Cam (thirdperson)
- Buy Bot (AK/M4, Deagle, Ammo, Armor, Helmet, HE Nade)
- Radar
- Name & Weapon ESP
- Menu & Console
- Auto Offsets
- Custom Crosshair
- Auto Pistol/Rifle Switct
- RoundSay (advertise the hack)
- Custom Font Class
- Added EAT Hooking, Module hiding, PE Header Erasing, Ect.. for VAC2 Proofing

Made for cheatservers
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