Counter-Strike 1.6 and Source Videos

Here is a list of CS movies made by Tobys CS. This include gameplay videos, cheat videos and guides. Enjoy!

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- Cheating
- Guides, tutorials & How To


Tobys CS Promotion Video

A video I made to promote Tobys CS on YouTube.

Aimbot in CS Source

Gameplay video from CS Source using Aimbot.

CS 1.6 hacks video

CS hack - owning a server with hacks

Counter-Strike 1.6 hack video

Just a CS hack video.

Counter-Strike Source cheat video

Another hack video, this time in Source.

Counter-Strike Source hack video

Guides, tutorials & How To

How to download and install CS hacks (new)

Step by step how to download and install CS hacks.

Counter-Strike movie maker tutorial

This video shows you how to record your own CS movie and edit it in Movie Maker.

How to install and run a CS hack

This movie shows how to download, install and run a CS hack.

Sv_cheats 1 commands & cvars

Demonstration how to activate sv_cheats 1 and some of the commands.

How to activate console in CS:Source

This video shows how to activate the developer console in CS Source.

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