SimpleCSSHack v.0.4.8

Sep 8, 2009
VAC Status: Detected
Description and features
Multiplayer Hacks:
- No Flash
- No Smoke
- No Rain
- No Spread (and less visual Recoil)
- No Hud
- Radarhack
- Cvar bypass
- Easy HS
- Zoomhack *NEW*
Press the CAPSLOCK-Button in-game and your
Weapon will have the same zoom-factor like
a Sniper-Rifle! Beware: it pachtes the game
on the server. Usage of this feature on your
own risk.
- Hitlocator
- Fullbright
- Chrome Models
- Greyscale
- Wallhack (WF)
- Squared Walls

- Cheats Bypass
- Consistency Bypass
- Pure Bypass

.NET Framework

1.) Start CS:S
2.) Tab out and start the hack
3.) Make your choice
4.) Go back into game
5.) Have fun!
Download SimpleCSSHack v.0.4.8
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