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Happy New Year 2012 - On 31/12-11 at 11:40
We hope to continue to provide you with the best public cheats in 2012 :-) Happy new year to everyone from Tobys CS.

By: Tobys CS

Plus one! - On 28/8-11 at 23:01
If you like Tobys CS and want to support us, then please +1 us ! :D

Thanks guys!

By: Tobys CS

New design - On 13/8-11 at 16:55
Today we launched the new design on Tobys CS, we hope you like it! Soon it will be possible to comment on news and hacks via Facebook comments.

By: Tobys CS

CS Video: 12 kills in a row - On 23/6-11 at 23:26
Playing against bots with knifes, when making this incredible fast 12 kills in a row... :)

By: Toby

3 new CS videos - On 16-6-11 at 18:40
Made 3 new CS videos... Watch them here...

How many CTs can you kill with....

1 HE grenade ?

1 shot from an AWP?

1 shot from an AK-47?

By: Tobys CS

New CheatDB launched! - On 23/3-11 at 22:58
The new CheatDB has just launched!

If you want our latest hacks, then check out the brand new cheatDB at www.tcheats.com

By: Tobys CS

New CS video - On 16/1-11 at 17:10
How to download and install CS hacks

This video can also be found on the videos page.

By: Tobys CS

New CS & Source guides! - On 16/1-11 at 17:00
The CS 1.6 and Source guides has been updated with two new guides.

CS 1.6 Dedicated Standalone Server
How to set up a Dedicated server in CS 1.6
Guide: How to set up a Dedicated server in Counter-Strike 1.6 with the HLDSupdatetool

How to Surf in CS Source
How to Surf in Counter-Strike Source
This guide learns you how to Surf in Counter-Strike Source.

By: Tobys CS

Top 5 CS hacks - On 18/10-10 at 23:23
Heres a list of the most downloaded CS and CS Source hacks on Tobys CS.

Top 5 Counter-Strike 1.6 hacks

  1. ECC 5.2
  2. Fighter FX 7.2
  3. Super Simple Wallhack - linked to latest version
  4. BaDBoY v5 - Made for cheat servers
  5. VDC Redux v2.09

Top 5 Counter-Strike Source hacks

  1. RoyalHack v1.0d
  2. HOLZED 1.2.fix
  3. P7 CSS v3.1
  4. Elite Hacks Pub v1.0
  5. Studio Hack v3.0

Be aware of that most of the hacks listed above not has been updated for a while.

By: Admin

New aimbot video - On 8/8-10 at 1:33
Made a new movie today, aimbot in CS Source:

By: Tobys CS

New hacks - On 20/5-10 at 22:27
Cs 1.6 hacks has been updated today.

If anyone have problems downloading or unpacking hacks please contact us.

Remember, password for hacks is:

By: Admin

Sandbox guide - new guide - On 23/4-10 at 22:22
We have added a new guide today, the Sandbox guide. Use a Sandbox to run programs you don't trust, this way you avoid getting infected with virus or malware.

By: Tobys CS

New feature - add a comment - On 19/4-10 at 22:50
We have added a new feature today, now you can leave comments to all hacks. :)

By: Tobys CS

Tagwall update - On 17/4-10 at 16:07
Tagwall has been updated - so leave a comment ;)

By: Tobys CS

New guide - How to make your own CS video - On 1/4-10 at 10:39
A new guide has been added - How to make your own CS movie. This guide works for most games though, so you can find it under CS guides and Source guides.

How to make your own CS movie

CS movie maker guide


By: Tobys CS

New site - COD MW2 hacks - On 20/3-10 at 22:36
Today Tobys launched a new site - Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 hacks!

COD MW2 hacks

Click the picture to visit our new site!

By: Admin

Hacks updated - On 4/3-10 at 23:06
Hacks have been updated today.

As you can see, large parts of the site is now translated into english, this is due to all of our non-danish visitors we have here :-)

We are currently seeking for good coders for a "Tobys Hack" - if you are interrested email us at nothing :) If you are good, the job is paid!

You can now see virus scan results for cs hacks from virustotal.com. The link can be found under the features. Then you have a better chance to decide wheter you can trust the cheat.

By: Tobys CS

Three new CS and CS:Source guides! - On 20/9-09 at 23:15
If you haven't noticed yet, three new guides has been added to the guide section. Be sure to check 'em out now:

- Sv_cheats 1 guide & console commands
- How to activate developer console in CS:Source
- How to download and install a CS hack

sv_cheats 1 guide

By: Admin

Tobys Promotion Video - On 13/9-09 at 23:21

By: Admin

Tobys Banner - On 20/6-09 at 22:18
A lot of people have requested a banner from Tobys to put on their site. Well we are glad that people would like to link to us, so here is a code that will put a banner on your site. :-)



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